Elephant and donkey having sex

elephant and donkey having sex

Republican leaders worry that the scandal and its fallout negatively could impact the core supporters of the party - most particularly, the religious and social conservatives. Towards the end of the Pleistocene region, elephants quickly become rare; in Holocene, elephants remain only in South Asia and in Africa. In the beginning of the Pleistocene period, the elephant went through the Bering Strait and went to North America. The wide extension of elephants and their adaptation to existence in various climatic conditions - from tropical forests and steppes to the Arctic tundra - have led to the appearance of many kinds and types. Morse Code Celebrates Years and Counting. Emily Post on Vulgarity. Initially, donkeys were used for riding and dragging carriages, but with the advent of faster and strong horses, the donkeys were replaced with horses.

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Donkeys or Elephants? - 9 pictures

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WEIRD: Elephant having sex with a donkey

Donkeys were the first animals, which the ancient person used for transportation of cargo. The ears are killing me I can almost see her rotating them while she speaks. Register to post comments and participate in contests.

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