Describe relative dating of rocks

describe relative dating of rocks

A Geologic Time Scale Relative dating is the process of determining if one rock or geologic event is older or younger than another, without knowing their specific ages—i. Because, the unknown fossil, the red sponge, was found with the fossils in fossil assemblage B it also must have existed during the interval of time indicated by the red box. Determination of the absolute age of rocks and minerals using certain radioactive isotopes. This genetic isolation may also be caused by a geographic barrier, such as an island surrounded by ocean. Image demonstrating a common use of the principle of lateral continuity Principle of Cross-Cutting tells us that the light colored granite must be older than the darker basalt dike intruding the granite. Comparison of commonly used dating methods. This change is called radioactive decay.

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7 Geologic Time

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A region where lines of force move electrically charged particles, such as around a magnet, through a wire conducting an electric current, or the magnetic lines of force surrounding the earth.

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Relative dating

Foot prints of the early crocodile Chirotherium. Detrital sedimentary rocks contain clasts from separate parent rocks from unknown locations and derived ages are thus meaningless. The product of the decay is called the daughter isotope. Figure 5:

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